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We do certification differently

IFCI Register is the certification body for the Fitcert.eu certification scheme that does things differently. The way we certify is unique and ensures we always adapt to your needs.

World class certification process

Our certification process is unique because of a combination of internally developed software tools, the efficiency that this yields, and the continuous improvement that ensures we always make improvements that benefit you. Combine these three factors and you get a process that is as lean as possible, open to suggestions and changes, and with as little burden as possible.

“ The IFCI Register certification process is unique in how it is able to combine tooling with expertise to create a process that is unmatched anywhere else. ”

Giel Tettelaar, Director IFCI Register
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Pragmatic approach

With certification people often think about procedures that are complicted and intransparent, giving of the appearance of black box. Because auditors have to be impartial this can often give off the apearance that they are distant. We are choosing a different approach.

IFCI Register maintains the requirements from the EN 17229 standard, and only these requirements. We communicate these requirements clearly and our auditors are always prepared to provide explanations.

Certification is done remote/online where possible to ensure that the time spent in your club is used as efficiently as possible, passing the savings hereof back to you.

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IFCI Register. Explained.

On the right you can find just some of the things that make IFCI Register unique in what we do. Want to know more, reach out to us using info@ifci-register.com or click on the button below.


Many processes go on behind the scenes of a certification body, typically these require a lot of administrative expenses and cost a lot of time. With IFCI Register everything is done online and most of the process is automated, saving you time and money!

Personal contact

Certification with IFCI Register is straight as an arrow. Your auditor is your contact point for the duration of the audit. This means that when you have questions or reach out, you always know where you stand and what has to happen.

Trusted & proven process

The certification process we operate is fundamentally the same as the process our sister company, EMCI Register, uses for their ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accredited EU Notified Body certification. So you can be sure of its quality.

Do it yourself approach to certification

Our certification process allows the client to be actively involved. This makes certification simpler, faster and cheaper, without skimping on quality. Our process is no-nonside and to the point, with possiblities for customizability within the software for your specific needs and expectations.


IFCI Register works with auditors who have affinity with the fitness industry and understand their people and proceses. These auditors have been empowered with the tools that allow them to apply this knowledge and experience as an auditor so you have someone who speaks your language. Our auditors can work all accross the world allowing us to scale Fitcert internationally.

Proportionate pricing

Because of our efficiency we are able to offer pricing that is proportionate to the work that is required. Our prices are transparent to ensure you always know what to expect.

Continous improvement

IFCI Register is always eager for feedback and we ensure that all suggestions are adequately followed up, ensuring our process is always improving.

Data protection

At IFCI Register we use industry leading security procedures and ensure your data is handled securely. Furthermore data is processed in accordance with strict procedures, the ISO/IEC 17020:2012, and the licensing conditions of NEN.