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Certification pricing. Simplified.

We don't want to bother you with complicated quotes, our prices are simple and transparent. Below you can find how much we charge, there are no hidden fees and you can register and pay straight away. This way you always know what you are up to.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the 5 day certificate guarantee?
Simply put, we have short lead times for the processing of paperwork. Once an auditor has completed a file it will take 5 working days at most to issue you a Fitcert certificate.
How does remote auditing work?
On your personal portal you will be shown a TODO list which you can fill in before an audit.This way the auditor is fully prepared and has already performed most of the work required.
Are there any hidden fees?
No, prices above are our fixed certification fees, only travel costs and VAT may be added. Additionally we can issue you a formal quote on demand that displays exactly what you will be charged, this is a guaranteed amount to ensure you know what to expect.
Are these prices including VAT?
All prices displayed above are excluding 21% VAT if applicable.
What if I run into problems
Our software is setup in such a way that by completing your todo-list everything should be self-explanatory. If there are any issues we can always setup a call to resolve them together.
Where are you based?
In the Netherlands. Apart from this we have representation in Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Belgium and South Africa. Voor Stage 4 audits outside of this region we can send the closes auditor to this location.
Are there discounts or payment plans available?
Reach out to us and we can discuss your specific situation and figure out a plan that works for you!
Is there a difference between your certificate and that of other Fitcert certification bodies?
All Fitcert Certification Bodies give of an equivalent certificate that shows you meet the NEN/Fitcert scheme and EN 17229. The only difference is the way we certify.
Can i start stage 3 or Stage 4 right away?
Stage 1 and Stage 2 must be completed with EuropeActive-Fitcert first. From this we will help you through stage 3 and stage 4.

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