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Call for inspectors

September 23rd, 2020

Extend your work field: become a CE inspector!
Invitation for professional recreational craft surveyors

Become CE Inspector with EMCI Register which will allow you to provide CE certification of recreational crafts as an extra service offering. EMCI Register is looking for new CE inspectors and we are interested in discussing this opportunity with you. Do you want to know more? Read below or contact us (phone +31880038740 or mail info@emci-register.com).

What is a CE Inspector?
A CE Inspector is appointed by EMCI Register to provide CE certification services for recreational crafts. As a CE inspector, you are allowed to certify craft against the EU Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU. CE inspectors are always external contracts so that you can determine your own rates and which type of crafts you want to certify. EMCI Register merely provides you the platform.

How do I become a CE Inspector?
EMCI Register has a dedicated training program for CE inspectors. It consists of a full-day training online or at our or your offices, a set of readers for you to study, and a practical assessment/mentorship program. The practical assessment consists of performing multiple CE inspections under the supervision of a qualified EMCI Register CE inspector. If you pass these assessments, you can certify recreational crafts against RCD 2013/53/EU as a qualified EMCI Register Inspector. The training program costs 750 Euro's (excluding travel costs to your office if you prefer us to come to you) which can be paid directly, over a payment plan, or by certifying crafts with EMCI Register (this last option would not cost you any direct investment of funds, only time).

Are you already a CE inspector with another notified body? Then we need your CV and education certificates and you qualify automatically.

Why should I become a CE inspector?
CE certification for recreational crafts is mandatory in all European and EEA countries. As a result, there is no need to convince clients to comply, it is simply a requirement. Furthermore, becoming a CE inspector allows you to expand your service offering which clients will always appreciate. If you become a CE inspector, you offer clients a one-stop-shop. It is also not a difficult process to conduct, due to the nature of the EMCI Register training program we can get started quickly, you can work in your own time and it will not interfere with your current activities. By aligning yourself to an officially EU appointed ISO 9001:2015 certified notified body you also enhance the reputation of your company directly.
Not sure or want to know more? Reach out to us and we will try to answer your questions.

About EMCI Register?
EMCI Register is a Notified Body appointed by the European Commission to certify against RCD 2013/53/EU. We are appointed under NANDO 2832. EMCI Register is also ISO 9001:2015 certified by Lloyds register.

We believe in doing things differently and have seen that notified bodies in the past have not moved with the times. By adopting a 100% digital certification process and having our own in-house software development team, we are able to work far more efficiently than our competitors. This is something that you can then notice in the price as we are more affordable than our main competitors, sometimes by up to 35%. By doing this, EMCI Register is able to innovate and lead the RCD market. So where our competitors are still using the fax, we have moved into the 21st century.

Part of this ethos means we are also an incredibly approachable notified body. If you have any questions we will always respond quickly and provide a detailed answer. We have no waiting lists and appreciate the personal touch.

With kind regards,
Team EMCI Register
Giel Tettlaar, chairman